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Energy Lock Corporation. Solar Power Systems and Spray Foam Insulation.
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Solar Rebates Are Back !!!
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Until now, the electric utility companies have been in control.  Thankfully, change is afoot. 

Recent developments in solar technology coupled with a series of very attractive incentives from the State and Federal Government as well as many of the local utility companies have swung the advantage to the energy consumer.

Today, you can realize BIG SAVINGS or, in some cases, virtually eliminate your monthly electric bill, protect yourself from utility rate increases, and see your home’s value increase as part of the bargain. By installing an Energy Lock residential solar system you’ll take control of your energy costs and enjoy all the benefits of obtaining your electricity from a clean, renewable resource: the sun.

Energy Lock also provides large sized commercial systems.  Please call to inquire.

If you are ready to save money and make a difference, fill out the contact us form or call us directly. We'll answer any questions you may have and arrange for an Energy Lock representative to visit your location and discuss your solar options, including design and installation details, the sizing of your system and your budget.

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There is no better time than now to begin enjoying the benefits of solar power.  Let Energy Lock be your partner when you choose to power your home with solar.
Energy Lock supports Energy Star by providing the very best in Energy Star approved products.
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